Poker an icebreaker

Poker is a card game that involves multiple of players at a go. There are different names given to this game depending on location and different methods on how to play it, but the ultimate end of this game is the same, the player needs to have a combination of cards in order to win the game.

Well, despite the fact many people associate the game to gambling this is not the case, the game can be played to kill time or as a hobby that does not have any affiliation to betting on money or anything, which encourages loss of money or merchandise to an opponent.

Poker can also be played in the house by inviting a group of friends for some beer. It is a common practice in many households. Usually, men will involve themselves in this game during their chat sessions. For examples, some friends set poker night on weekly or monthly on a specific day of the week just to just recover from the week they just had and catch up over beer and some crisps.

It can also be used to strengthen the bond in a family where kids and their parents get to compete against each other. Many American and European households play this game on game night, take advantage of the opportunity to bond with each other, and talk as friends not as parents and children.

Some event organizers also apply this game to some of their schedules that are related to team building. They use this game to build confidence among workmates where they schedule the high-level executives with junior staff to engage in a face off competition. The fact that poker makes a player engage in critical thinking some executives change their perspective on their subordinates after the game.

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